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Reflekt Men's T-Shirt

Reflekt Men's T-Shirt
Reflekt Men's T-Shirt
Reflekt Men's T-Shirt
Reflekt Men's T-Shirt
Reflekt Men's T-Shirt
Reflekt Men's T-Shirt
Reflekt Men's T-Shirt
Reflekt Men's T-Shirt
Reflekt Men's T-Shirt
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The cotton electrosmog shielding fabric was created to make shielding from electromagnetic fields very comfortable to the touch, to the eye and wearable. Our "reflect" men's t-shirt is made up of a shielding pocket. Available color: white.

Our daily life ...

Our body is exposed every day to natural radiation, such as the sun on the face or toes in the ground. Today we are also exponentially more exposed to man-made radiation thanks to modern technologies such as the cell phones, laptops, Wi-Fi, and microwave ovens.

Even though these types of technologies are used 24 hours a day, most people don't think about the EMF radiation they continuously emit. Most of us are now constantly surrounded by EMF radiation at unprecedented and still growing levels, given the exponential growth in the use of wireless technologies over the past 20 years.

Let's see specifically what radiation is?

Radiation, in the simplest terms, is energy that travels through space and comes in two main forms: non-ionizing and ionizing.

Non-ionizing radiation: includes radio waves, microwaves (cell phones, laptops, tablets, computers, wi-fi and other smart wireless devices), infrared, visible and uv. CleanWaves products shield this type of radiation (within the range of ~ 50dB). Ionizing radiation: includes high energy radiation such as X-rays and gamma rays. This type of radiation is commonly known to be very dangerous even in small doses. CleanWaves products do not shield against this type of radiation.

The diagram on the next page shows the electromagnetic spectrum. Of growing concern for our health today is microwave radiation (often called EMF radiation, radio frequency or RF radiation, and wireless radiation) - more and more research is beginning to show the negative health impacts of this radiation, to which we are exponentially more exposed due to the proliferation of wireless technologies in our daily lives.

Mobile phones and smartphones

Mobile phones and smartphones emit powerful radiation and are constantly used by the majority of the population. A significant amount of this radiation can penetrate the brain up to 15 cm deep.

Computer electrostress

There are potential health risks from electromagnetic fields emitted by screens and many other components of computers, laptops and tablets. The closer you are to the terminal, the stronger the electromagnetic field that interferes with our balance.

Electromagnetic fields in the home.

Many areas within the home can be actual concentrations of harmful electromagnetic fields. Those generated by routers, televisions, computers and other appliances such as new virtual assistants can overlap creating an extremely harmful radiation level for the whole family.

Dangers of Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi, antennas, routers and modems constantly emit potentially harmful electromagnetic signals which are only partially blocked by the walls and therefore tend to add up, generating very harmful interference fields.

Electric lines

Hundreds of studies around the world have shown that living in the house next to high voltage power lines and other energy transmission systems increases the risk of cancer and numerous other health problems.

Cellular repeaters

Repeaters, cell phones and antennas saturate the environment with powerful invisible microwaves that keep us connected, but create many health risks both in the short and long term.

What are the health risks of electromagnetic radiation?

Electromagnetic fields have long been cited as a risk to the health of people, particularly children and developing fetuses, but scientific experts still discuss the nature and extent of this risk. What we do know is that radiation at the levels emitted by cell phones and Wi-Fi has a biological impact. Numerous studies have shown that they impact the way cells grow, DNA replicates and brain cells function.

For this reason, health experts believe that early childhood and pregnancy - when rapid and complex cell development occurs - are the moments of greatest risk. Furthermore, these radiations present an increasing risk for all populations, as cellular and wireless technologies proliferate.

CleanWaves. Clothing and accessories that protect against electromagnetic waves for everyday life.

Green Shield launches a line of clothing and accessories with nickel, steel, aluminum and pyrite against radiation To combat electromagnetic waves caused by Wi-Fi connections, cell phones, electronic equipment of latest generation, and to protect itself from the potential risks that derive from them, Green Shield, has thought of developing a line of clothing and accessories called CleanWaves. 

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