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Bioactive Soles

Bioactive Soles
Bioactive Soles
Bioactive Soles
Bioactive Soles
Bioactive Soles
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Insoles made of FIR fabric. The ideal solution to improve posture and athletic performance, for rapid muscle recovery and to give the body more energy. FIR products are recommended to improve comfort and performance in the world of sport and in daily life.


Unleash your potential and improve your performance

BioActive is a soft coating made of distant infrared natural minerals that can be applied to any type of surface, such as clothing, bed linen, sponges or textiles.
The minerals in the coating activate with the body heat (energy) emitted by your body and return this enhanced energy to make you hybrid.
The energy returned increases the local blood flow allowing your body to improve recovery, improve athletic performance and improve sleep.
Now you can recycle and improve your energy with BioActive.

BioActive technology is used in a large number of sectors with various applications that allow people and animals to take advantage of its benefits.
To date, Green Shield has used BioActive technology in the following sectors and with the aim of increasing areas of application…

Improve your performances
Unleash your potential

Bio-Active was created to help all human beings improve their daily lives. If you run marathons, climb mountain peaks, or simply take a Sunday walk, then your body will become symbiotic with our technology. When used in daily life, BioActive will help your body get through each step.

Sleep | Recover | Performa

For every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction. After the body exercises, energy rest is needed to replace what is lost. BioActive allows you to create a hybrid environment for individual cells and the body as a whole. This recycled energy accelerates recovery times and improves sleep quality. Studies show how a more restful sleep can be achieved for a more refreshed and energized awakening when using BioActive clothing.

Increases body heat

BioActive is a powerful blend of distant infrared minerals designed to keep humans warm. Start with a BioActive base layer and let your body do the rest.

The advantages of wearing BioActive

• increased hydration;
• more efficient muscles (reduction of fat mass);
• fatigue resistance;
• reduction of cellulite, more elastic and toned skin;
• body temperature control;
• better circulation;
• more active metabolism;
• less stress, more vital energy;
• rejuvenation;
• reduction of skin spots;
• better athletic performance;
• more efficient immune system;
• dilation of blood vessels;
• improved circulation;
• tissue activation;
• improvement of metabolism;
• expulsion of the slag.

Are there any contraindications?

BioCeramic tissues have no contraindications because the principle with which they work is to restore circulating the water already present in our body. There is no introduction of external substances.

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