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B + Energy T-Shirt

B + Energy T-Shirt
B + Energy T-Shirt
B + Energy T-Shirt
B + Energy T-Shirt
B + Energy T-Shirt
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Chromotherapy energetic t-shirt with active magneto-therapy principle

Green Shield B + Energy

The perfect balance and harmony between the physical body, the psychic mind and consciousness by combining Plasma Fields and colors. We have learned in the past, how the fields within our body can become unbalanced for emotional and environmental reasons, thus opening the way to the onset of disease or psychophysical energy imbalance. Logically, therefore, if we were able to keep these fields in balance, we would have the real possibility of enormously reducing our stress levels and keeping the body in a lasting general state of health.
The purpose of the Sweatshirt or T-Shirt "Be positive" or simply (B +), is precisely the psychophysical energetic rebalancing through which particular information is released by acting on harmony and global well-being able to rebalance the mind, soul and the body of the person wearing them.
The Green Shield B + Sweatshirts are made and informed with a specific vibratory wave through Zinc and Co2 Gans in powder and mixed in different colors, also energy waves and are in turn combined with fabrics and shapes. The transmission of the message on the B + sweatshirts or t-shirts takes place through a nano-energy technique linked to subtle energies, which infuses the desired information into the color.
Those who wear the Green Shield B + garments will be facilitated to rebalance and / or reinforce, on several levels, moods, health, perceptions, areas and other facets of one's life or world.

How does energy behave?
Informing an object requires an alliance with the energy resulting from years of experience: it also requires total respect for the life and free will of all, a lot of ethics, good faith and honesty. Only in the presence of these parameters does the energy agree to be conveyed; the energy that does not perceive these characteristics does not maintain its alliance for a long time.

The importance of colors in our life.
Colors are very important, and often underestimated, elements for our life. The use of colors as a therapeutic method was already used by many ancient cultures, in particular India, China and Egypt. For the Indians, the colors act on the 7 chakras (centers of physical, spiritual and psychic energy) and each chakra corresponds to a color. According to Chinese medicine, each organ has its color, for example the kidneys are orange, the lungs white, etc. The Egyptians instead used color in reality with their divinities and with the phenomena of nature; yellow for summer, midday, red for autumn and sunset, blue for morning and spring.

Our body absorbs colors.
According to the principles of chromotherapy our body can absorb colors through food (chromodiet), through clothing, in fact the color is "worn" through the choice of clothing or the direct application to the body of particular sensations, by means of massages with colored pigments, with particular devices used precisely in chromotherapy, in this case the color is absorbed to the body by the epidermal route with the use of colored lamps and colored filters, you can also imagine and mentally evoke the color through relaxation exercises and breathing and finally, the colors can also be absorbed through the color of the walls of the home and office. We live constantly immersed in colors and we do not realize the influence that colors have on our emotional states and actions. It is advisable to choose carefully for the colors that surround us, such as at home for example. For this reason we have chosen to combine MaGravs technology with chromotherapy through the tie & dye technique and using the colors of well-being.

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